Smart Engines: tourism industry in

Smart Engines became one of the 14 companies to recover the tourism industry in Portugal in the post-COVID-19 era Smart

El rol de la Inteligencia

Las mejoras en la Inteligencia Artificial repercuten en una Experiencia del Cliente renovada, fortalecida y personalizada que da una respuesta


As one of the UK’s leading financial comparison websites, is constantly researching ways to help customers find savings. This latest addition

How to improve your credit score in one simple step

More than five million people in the UK have a financial history so thin that the agencies which collate credit

El 83% de los docentes españoles utiliza diariamente las herramientas

El 89% del profesorado español considera que el uso de herramientas digitales ha mejorado notablemente el aprovechamiento de las clases

New startup Aglaia Therapeutics raises €4M in seed funding to

Venture capital firm Advent France Biotechnology led fundraising, alongside Crédit Mutuel Innovation and Pierre Fabre Co-founded by AFB and leading

CryptoXpress Announces New Investor, Launchpad and Marketing Partnerships Ahead of

CryptoXpress (CX), offering one of the first consumer mobile solutions for easy, all-in-one access to crypto, banking and NFT services,

Fintern announces the appointment of Andrew Bloom, founder of Masthaven

Andrew Bloom, the founder and former CEO of Masthaven Bank, has joined the Fintern Board as a Non-Executive Director. September

Supercede partners with Web Connectivity to accelerate global reinsurance ecosystem

LONDON, 9 September 2021 – Supercede, the global reinsurance placement platform built for dealmakers, today announced its partnership with Web

AI Technologies by Tessi and Smart Engines are solving global

Tessi successfully uses Smart Engines AI technologies to solve challenges of recognition of complex, multipage flexible and fixed-template forms on