Backstop Solutions Group Launches Capital-Raising Dashboards, Enabling Users with Self-Service Configuration and Embedded Analytics at Their Fingertips

CHICAGO [Sept. 29, 2020] – Backstop Solutions Group, the industry’s leading cloud-based productivity suite for institutional and alternative investors, today announced Capital-Raising Dashboards, the newest add-on module within Backstop Solution Group’s suite of products, available today. Backstop’s Capital-Raising Dashboards introduces an unprecedented level of self-service dashboard configuration capabilities, bucking the industry norm of requiring users to submit a ticket for each instance of their pipeline views, which can take developers weeks, or months, to fulfill.  In addition, capital raising teams will also now have immediate access to embedded analytics, with the ability to create new visualizations of data on the fly. 

“At Cheyne, we have always invested in the highest-quality systems and technology to provide the best service and infrastructure to our clients,” said Sean Macdonald, Partner & Chief Operating Officer at Cheyne Capital. “As our firm has continued to grow, we’ve evolved our processes and platforms to better serve our clients and, as part of this, we leverage the Backstop platform to inform our business decisions every day. Being able to see performance data the way we want to ‘in the moment’ is crucial, but to have efficient, intuitive dashboards that can present high-level information and more in-depth data as required, helps us make better decisions.”

Backstop’s Capital-Raising Dashboards provides business development leads at alternative asset management firms with quick, easy and intuitive access to real-time KPIs and performance data on their teams, such as their team’s progress toward quota, pipeline health, win rates, deal velocity, and a clear, comprehensive view of which investors should be prioritized with the enhanced ability to focus on the right opportunities at the right time. New visualization tools within Capital-Raising Dashboards also offer users the flexibility to slice and dice data by geography, expected close date, opportunity stage and probability, as well as seamless report generation for management and other stakeholders. 

“Capital-Raising Dashboards is not a generic pipeline management tool,” said Adam Hoit, VP of Product, Backstop Solutions Group. “It is built specifically to meet the needs of fund-raising teams at alternative asset management firms. This means no more static tools resulting in stale data, problematic issues with version control, confusion that results from data living in different applications, or users having to attempt to retrofit their workflows into limited, out-of-the-box platforms. With Backstop’s Capital-Raising Dashboards, heads of business development teams now have a single source of truth that provides a comprehensive picture of the entire pipeline, allowing them to focus their team’s efforts on the most impactful opportunities and make decisions informed by up-to-the-minute data.”

Capital-Raising Dashboards is available as an add-on module to users of the Backstop platform. For more information, visit

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