Brickpacer and Yota present 9 NFT cards for Rarible auction


July 15, Moscow. Brickpacer and Yota presented 9 CryptoRussia NFT-cards on the Rarible crypto-art auction site, in which one can collect the whole country. The artist created the collection based on the mobile operator advertising campaign about coverage across Russia.

Plots for the cards are inspired by Yota commercials and common life situations, familiar to the whole country: babushkas on the benches, pits in the road, panel apartment buildings, and shashliky on the riverside. Each storyline artfully incorporates classic elements of Brickspacer art: Russian cars, subtle satire and native vast expanses. The central character will be the trademark wolf, who appears in the images of a grandmother, passenger in a train, a fisherman and others.

“In the CryptoRussia project, we tried to capture even more of the everyday subjects characteristic of our culture through new digital art. That is why we turned to Brickspacer. Now, wherever Yota connection exists, anyone can see something native in its works,” commented Ekaterina Zharkova, Yota Marketing Communications Manager.

“We decided to make a joint NFT-drop devoted to the national peculiarities of our vast motherland. It includes 10 digital canvases sealed in a digital medium in the NFT format. Our task is to show sketches that are familiar and close to every Russian person, for which purpose I have placed my characters in situations showing the spirit, willpower, and mentality of our country. In a lot of pictures you can see satire, but the quip serves a good purpose: all proceeds from the card sale will go to charity,” says the Brickspacer project author. 

Brickspacer is a media artist, one of the first CIS artists to monetize his work on NFT platforms, a Forbes nominee in this year rating of 30 Most Promising Russians Under 30.

Rarible is the marketplace where you can buy a digital original of a digital art workpiece for cryptocurrency.


Yota – Russian mobile operator with federal coverage in 2G/3G/4G networks.

The main services of the company are voice mobile communication and 4G Internet.

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