making NFT history with Porsche charity-auction

-Exclusive design sketch as a non-fungible token-

Berlin, Germany (August 4, 2021) – Together with Porsche Germany is realising a NFT pilot project. Until Friday, 6 August 2021, collectors and Porsche fans will have the opportunity to purchase at auction an exclusive design sketch by Peter Varga, Director Exterior Design, via the US platform SuperRare. The special feature of the unique drawing is that it will be offered as a digital and physical asset; the total proceeds will be donated to the non-profit organisation Viva con Agua.che.

The sports car manufacturer is realising the project together with – a new NFT platform for digital trading cards. The company builder Forward31 – a business unit of Porsche Digital GmbH – founded the Berlin start-up in June 2021. The young company operates an online platform on which fans can collect and exchange digital player cards as NFT and also profit from their increase in value.

Fanzone uses blockchain technology to ensure the rarity and identity of the collector’s items. “With the NFT initiative, we are once again demonstrating the pioneering spirit typical of Porsche, with which we are always boldly entering new terrain,” says Alexander Pollich, CEO of Porsche Deutschland. “With NFT, we are addressing existing Porsche customers, who are often passionate collectors, as well as new, younger target groups with a high affinity for digital trends. What is also especially pleasing for me is the fact that the initiative for the project was developed in our internal innovation process and implemented within a few months.”

“Drawing a design sketch which is then traded online as a digital object was a completely new experience for me,” says Peter Varga, Director Exterior Design at Porsche. “The sketch combines the Taycan Cross Turismo with the 911. It links the design language of our iconic sports car with that of the youngest member of the model range. I look forward to seeing the response generated by this unique item among the auction participants.”

Fanzone Media GmbH | Monbijouplatz 5 | 10178 Berlin | GERMANY Amtsgericht Charlottenburg Handelsregisternr.: HRB 220853 B | Managing Partners: Dirk Weyel, Claudio Weck, Björn Hesse Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are based on blockchain technology and relate to aspecific asset. This means that an NFT represents the digital ownership of a unique item. The digital goods can be stored, sold or traded in a virtual wallet. So far, NFTs have been used primarily in the field of crypto art and for digital collections.

Crypto art pilot project for a charitable cause Viva con Agua, a non-profit organisation founded in Hamburg in 2006, is committed to providing access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. For this, Viva con Agua supports water projects worldwide, for example in Uganda and South Africa. The vision of the non-profit organisation is “water for all – all for water”. In order to generate revenue, Viva con Agua regularly uses art auctions in addition to traditional donations.


– Porsche is auctioning an original 1of1 NFT for a charity auction together with

– Starting price on SuperRare is 5 ETH. Bidding ends Friday, Aug 6, 2021

– All proceeds from this auction will go to Viva con Agua



FANZONE Media GmbH develops and operates a novel fan experience platform centered around limited digital collectibles and trading cards secured as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. On users can buy, collect, trade and use the digital trading cards of their favorite sports stars in different game variants. The platform has been initially launched in early June 2021

Fanzone Media GmbH | Monbijouplatz 5 | 10178 Berlin | GERMANY Amtsgericht Charlottenburg Handelsregisternr.: HRB 220853 B | Managing Partners: Dirk Weyel, Claudio Weck, Björn Hesse with the German football association (DFB) as launch partner. Based on the partnership, rare digital trading cards of Germany’s best football players have been produced and sold to a constantly growing fan community of already more than 25,000 users. Fanzone has also just announced a partnership with VfL Wolfsburg, one of the most successful German Bundesliga clubs. More partnerships in football and other sports will be announced soon. Porsche’s company builder, Forward31, is the strategic partner of Founders Dirk Weyel, Claudio Weck and Björn Hesse bring decades of experience in games, sports marketing and blockchain technology to the table.

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