PFS Partner Hyris Secures UK Triumph with Canadian Government 90-Minute COVID-19 Testing Megadeal


(London, UK, Wednesday, September 30th, 2020).

The Government of Canada has issued a significant approval for PFS’ London based client Hyris for rapid Coronavirus testing, which will be deployed across the country as Hyris “bCUBE” has been approved for human tests by Health Canada scientists; as such, the bCUBE is the only authorised medical device, commercially available in Canada for diagnostic use related to COVID-19, which can provide a certified ‘point of care’ solution. The bCUBE adopts “gold standard” genetic sequences in line with CDC and WHO guidelines: it can provide human COVID-19 test results at the same level as a hospital laboratory, without the requirement for a lab, also reducing the time needed for diagnosis.

The technology features an Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, meaning it can easily be scaled at speed to help millions of people to receive a reliable Coronavirus test result in under 2 hours. Hyris says it can profoundly positively impact satellite healthcare facilities, communities and companies worldwide that are currently starved of access to this type of disruptive solution.

One time aspiring astronaut turned tech entrepreneur, Stefano Lo Priore, Founder & CEO at Hyris, said: “The greater London area is a global hub for Biotechnology and Finance, and we feel we are well-positioned with our local partners to support the worldwide expansion of our user network. This authorization from the Canadian Government is an important confirmation for us as well as for PFS, which has been a trusted partner in this adventure for several years.”

Lee Britton, CCO at PFS (a company of EML), explained: “It’s an honour to stand with our High Tech partner Hyris and our good friend Stefano as he enables testing heroes across Canada, and soon here in Europe, to fight COVID with an invaluable diagnostic solution. As we continue to engage with all kinds of inspirational tech thought leaders requiring smart payment solutions, we never lose sight of the positive impact companies like Hyris can have on countries around the world, and closer to home. Soon, Stefano and his team will be live in more than 12 nations.”

In the future, thanks to its platform, Hyris believes the units will generate data that when analysed collectively, may give next-level insights into pandemic developments and feed into AI algorithms that could help to best manage a global response.

About Hyris

Hyris Ltd is a fast-growing, cutting-edge multinational biotechnology Company based in London. Hyris offers its partners and clients a disruptive platform that enables ‘on the edge’ genetic testing of biological samples in any setting, at any time, with real-time access to results on its dedicated cloud-based software platform.

An international leader in the field of advanced diagnostic, with an Italian heart and a bold vision, the company is based on a product excellence strategy, delivering significant advantages to its clients and allowing a much larger cohort of users to deploy genetic testing solutions for the medical, veterinary, and agro-food industries.


Inside the Cube

The bCUBE is a miniaturised, state-of-the-art device for the analysis of nucleic acids designed and produced in Italy in accordance with the strictest quality and engineering requirements. With ultra-compact instrument design and superior analytical performance, the bCUBE is being adopted by a growing number of prestigious clinical, academic and industrial partners worldwide. Certified to both European and North American standards, the bCUBE deploys PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology that is the gold standard in COVID-19 testing and has demonstrated a its performance in clinical trials; similar trials are currently underway with the FDA. The bCUBE enables direct connectivity to the proprietary Hyris bAPP cloud-based portal, which can be interfaced from any mobile device such as a smartphone. On top of that, the bCUBE includes an integrated module of artificial intelligence which not only learns from all existing connected ‘cubes’, but also provides automatically interpreted results, which are easy to read even for non-specialised personnel.

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