Railsbank and Yimba launch first-of-its-kind digital card art personalisation service

London – 5th May, 2021 –  Railsbank, the leading global Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform and Yimba, a Fintech As a Service Technology (FaaST) company, are launching a world-first, the ability to personalise the digital card art for cards stored in a consumer’s digital wallet.

Railsbank is working together with Yimba, Mastercard and Google Pay to bring about this world-first proposition. Soon consumers will be able to choose from a wide variety of media from sports teams, charities, professional associations and retail brands to personalise their cards.   

The plan is to drive increased use of mobile wallets and boost stronger customer engagement.

Heather Ribbans, Railsbank Head of Channel Partnership Sales UK and Europe, said: “Personalisation of card plastic is not new, from co-branded and affinity credit cards, through to store cards. The ability of a consumer to upload their own pictures onto cards, has been used by banks and retailers as a simple, yet very effective tool to engage their customers. However, it has not been possible for card art to be changed with digital wallets, until now. Railsbank, working with Yimba and other parties, has been able to overcome a number of interoperability and tech challenges, and has successfully demonstrated the solution as part of a recent market test.”

Railsbank believes that the payment network is becoming more and more open to fintech solutions, but connectivity across the marketplace still presents a significant challenge for businesses. The digital art solution offered now is a big step to increase customer engagement. 

Yimba CEO Robert Dowd added: “The world represents personalised choices made by consumers, and for some, that choice extends to their bank and to the products they distribute. Financial institutions and retailers have already recognised that customers want to change their physical plastic, but have no means to extend that choice to their digital wallet.  

“With the number of contactless transactions increasing daily, making the experience more engaging and personal should be an easy decision for them. Market tests have shown that there is strong user uptake when presented with the card personalisation option and we all look forward to delivering this solution and others to enhance the digital wallet experience for our partners.” 

Railsbank is headquartered in London and has offices in Singapore, the US, Australia, Lithuania, Germany, the Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. 

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