Willis Re CTO joins Supercede to spearhead development of global digital ecosystem

London, 17 August 2021: Supercede, the global reinsurance placement platform built for dealmakers, today announced the appointment of Aydin Betez, formerly CTO of Willis Re, to lead the development of its cloud-based digital ecosystem, built for the global reinsurance market.

Supercede has quickly established itself as the reinsurance platform of choice for cedents, brokers, and reinsurers keen to move away from a reinsurance industry built on expensive, one-off IT projects. Aydin’s appointment will build on the strength of Supercede’s platform for ‘reinsurance that connects’, which brings together data, deals, and people across Supercede’s three interoperable solutions: Analytics, Placements, and Network.

Jerad Leigh, Co-founder and CEO of Supercede, said: “As a highly respected figure in the global reinsurance sector, Aydin’s appointment represents a momentous milestone in Supercede’s rapid growth and success. He brings an unparalleled wealth of experience and a unique understanding of developing global reinsurance broker systems, including how these interact with cedents’ and reinsurers’ technologies.”

“Aydin’s appointment is a further demonstration of our commitment to serving the needs of cedents, brokers, and reinsurers across the global industry,” said Ben Rose, Co-founder and President of Supercede. “As CPO, he will support our customers in capturing the full value of our platform and products, and help them to develop future-proof technology strategies in the process. We are delighted to welcome him onboard.”

“I am hugely excited to be part of what, I believe, represents the future of reinsurance,” said Aydin. “Supercede has already proved itself as the most intuitive all-in-one placement platform on the market, and this is just the beginning. These are transformational times for our industry and now, alongside this immensely talented team, I look forward to helping to drive this change.”

Aydin has a long and successful track record of building globally-distributed, agile product functions to develop business-critical solutions and cloud-based digital ecosystems for financial services organisations. This experience will be invaluable as Supercede scales up to the next stage of its development, worldwide.

As the former CTO of Willis Re, he was responsible for leading the firm’s global technology, engineering, dev-ops, delivery, and data strategy. Aydin pioneered the new digital ecosystem for Willis Re’s employees and clients and worked closely with the firm’s partners across the reinsurance market to co-develop platform strategies and initiatives.

Before this, Aydin worked at Capco as a digital executive advisor, supporting large financial institutions to integrate with FinTech partners. He was also an award-winning leader at TD Bank and has broad experience working in numerous senior technology and transformation roles across the financial services sector over the last two decades.

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  2. About Supercede – www.supercede.com

Supercede, the provider of a global reinsurance placement platform built for dealmakers, manages the complete placement lifecycle for the largest independent global network of reinsurance professionals, worldwide. It captures actuarial-grade submission data with Supercede Analytics and enables users to trade without cost on one intuitive placement platform.

For cedents: previously, datapreparation was a hugely complex and time-consuming process. Now Supercede’s Analytics solution automates the creation of outwards reinsurance submission exhibits, including the preparation, validation, and cleansing of data, premium estimates, rate changes, bordereau, loss runs, and triangles, which they can then share selectively with brokers.

For brokers: currently, many brokers spend time on compiling data rather than doing the deal. With Supercede they get clean and consistent outwards data from cedents to build data-rich, multi-layer risk profiles with customisable, reinsurance-specific features that they can then share with selected markets for quoting and binding, or distribute to a wider global marketplace of underwriters.

For reinsurers: historically, reinsurers had to wait for ‘friendly brokers’ to bring them the best business and navigate multiple broker systems or an overflowing inbox to find submissions. Now they get access to a world of new risks across multiple brokers in a single platform, with risks represented consistently with the data needed to price at their fingertips.

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