Heat the person not the room: what does this really mean and why it is the easiest way to save money and energy

The most economical way to stay warm is to turn your central heating thermostat down to a temperature of about 17C or off altogether and then either heat yourself or the area that you’re sitting in. This can be achieved by either extra layers such as traditional or electric blankets and or using a low wattage heating appliances such as infrared

Eco Warmer offers innovation-driven and eco-friendly heating solutions and is offering discounted prices for its latest release of an energy-efficient personal heating product with an extremely low running cost (less than 6.8p per hour).

As part of its dedication to producing environmentally-friendly and budget-efficient heating products that consume less energy without compromising on comfort and sustainability, the Kent-based company has released a range of infrared personal heating solutions for individuals, offices and work environments. Infrared panels contribute to energy-efficient heating and enable healthy and cost-effective warmth during the winter months.

Low running cost heaters

Infrared personal heaters maximise the technology to focus on energy cost savings in the middle of the UK’s energy crisis. When the traditional 2kw domestic heater has running costs of 68p an hour, infrared panels cost less than 6.8p per hour less than 10% of traditional heating costs. This technology is difficult to understand. Infrared heat is a form of radiant heat, similar to the sun. Infrared heaters work by converting electricity into radiant heat. The heat is then directly transferred to an object such as a person or surface without heating the air in between. Again, this is very similar to how the sun heats the environment providing a natural and healthy form of heating. Infrared heating is also an instantaneous heat source. It starts getting up to temperature immediately and can reach its required temperature within a few minutes of turning on.

Anyone looking to purchase a personal infrared heater is welcome to visit the company’s website. As the company points out, under-desk infrared heaters for individuals working from home can be plugged in for localised and low-wattage warmth, regardless of the heating system in use.