APT36 state hackers infect Android devices using YouTube app clones

The APT36 hacking group, aka ‘Transparent Tribe,’ has been observed using at least three Android apps that mimic YouTube to infect devices with their signature remote access trojan (RAT), ‘CapraRAT.’ Once the malware is installed on a victim’s device, it can harvest data, record audio and video, or access sensitive communication information, essentially operating like […]

Hydrogen aviation startup ZeroAvia lands largest funding round to date

Investor Airbus will partner with the company on certification pathways, hydrogen storage, and infrastructure ZeroAvia, one of the leading zero-emission aviation companies in the world, just announced its largest financing round to date. The funding round was co-led by Airbus, Barclays Sustainable Impact Capital, and NEOM. Other participants included Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Alaska […]

Webb finds molecule only made by living things in another world

Could this exoplanet be inhabited? While the James Webb Space Telescope observed the atmosphere of an alien world 120 light-years away, it picked up hints of a substance only made by living things — at least, that is, on Earth. This molecule, known as dimethyl sulfide, is primarily produced by phytoplankton, microscopic plant-like organisms in […]

Twitter spinoff Bluesky hits 1 million users

The X alternative has just hit a milestone, but it’s still not open to the public. Bluesky, one of the most notable alternatives to the platform formerly known as Twitter, has just hit a million users. That’s admittedly tiny compared to the number of users on major social networks, but it’s a big deal for […]

Scientists reveal the hidden math that governs how neurons cluster in the brain

The density of neurons in the brain is governed by a fundamental mathematical function, new research finds. The discovery, which holds true across a variety of mammals, could help researchers make better computer models of the brain in the future. “This distribution allows us to look at this in a statistical way and could help […]

Musk’s X policies helped spread Russian propaganda, EU claims

An EU report claims Kremlin-backed accounts have grown in influence this year, due to the ‘dismantling’ of certain safety standards on X. A new study claims social media sites have been used by Russia to launch a “large-scale disinformation campaign” against the EU and its allies during the invasion in Ukraine. This study also claims […]

Todo listo en Japón para el lanzamiento del telescopio de rayos X XRISM y del aterrizador lunar SLIM

Todo está listo en el espaciopuerto de Tanegashima para que un cohete H-2A ponga en órbita el telescopio de rayos X XRISM (se pronuncia «crism»). Pero vientos demasiado fuertes en altura han obligado a posponer el lanzamiento, que estaba previsto para las 2:30, hora peninsular española (UTC +2) del lunes 28 de agosto.  La JAXA, […]

¿Es real o te lo imaginas? Así es como lo llega a saber tu cerebro

El cerebro es un órgano misterioso. Todo lo que ocurre en el mismo es difícil de entender y somos muy conscientes de que todavía hay mucho por descubrir. Un nuevo estudio, por ejemplo, habla de cómo han descubierto que el cerebro utiliza el umbral de los límites de la realidad para saber si lo que […]

Ex-Google AI experts launch new start-up with tech inspired by nature

Two former Google AI experts have formed their own AI company, Sakana AI, with a goal of exploring alternative techniques for generative AI based on structures seen in nature. David Ha and Llion Jones announced that they had formed Sakana AI, which they described as an AI research lab focused on R&D and the creation […]

Apple’s defense against apps vandalizing other apps still broken, developer claims

Cupertino appears to be blasé about long-standing macOS bug, so coder has blabbed Apple last year introduced a security feature called App Management that’s designed to prevent one application from modifying another without authorization under macOS Ventura – but a developer claims it’s not very good at its job under some circumstances. “If an app […]