iMac (2023) Rumours: Everything we know so far

A new iMac could finally be on the way. We’ve been wondering when the 2021 model could get a refresh and it looks like October 30th could be the way, with a new Apple M3 chip likely coming its way. Let’s dive into the key iMac (2023) rumours.

Everything is looking quite un-Apple at the moment, with a rather strange October event now appearing on the agenda, and much uncertainty over exactly what will launch. It appears the M3 series is about to land, with the regular chip coming to the Apple iMac, and higher-end M3 Pro and M3 Max chips refreshing the MacBook Pro – which was already updated early this year.

With all that in mind, let’s dive into all the up-to-date rumours and speculation on the, seemingly, inbound iMac (2023), across release date, pricing, specs and more.

Release Date

The Apple iMac (2023) with M3 looks set to set to debut at Apple’s “Scary Fast” October 30th event. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has touted an imminent launch via his Apple-focused Power On newsletter. No word on an official release date, but Apple typically begins pre-orders when a product is announced or shortly after.


In the same vein as the release date, there are very few hints at what the next iMac could cost. Until we get a better idea of which chip the iMac will come with – whether that be the M2 or M3 – it’s hard to determine how much the price will fluctuate compared to the previous generation.

To give some context, the current iMac models have a starting price of £1249/$1299/€1449. If it does feature the rumoured M3 chipset, we expect that it would come with a hefty price increase, especially since the most current model released back in 2021.

Specs and Performance

Back before WWDC 2023, Gurman (via Bloomberg) thinks that the 2023 model will come with the M3 chipset. Gurman also noted that releasing the iMac with the M2 chip would make it immediately outdated, which makes it likely that it will launch with the updated chipset, whether that be during WWDC or later on in the year. With the latest murmurings regarding the upcoming Apple October 30th event, Gurman reiterated he expects the new M3 iMac to launch imminently.

The latest iMac is also slated to come with the same, large 24-inch display as its predecessor. We can also expect that it will feature the same LCD Retina display as before, but there is a chance that Apple could splash out and include some higher-end specs, such as OLED or Mini-LED.

Tom’s Guide claims that the new iMac will come with the same pastel colour choices too, including blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange and purple.

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