Renewables, silicone sponge and a greener future

It is no exaggeration to say that silicone products have played a major role in the development of renewable energy infrastructure. As the demand for renewables continues to grow, we’re proud that our expertise is helping to deliver the cleaner, greener energy our planet needs.

Those unfamiliar with the broad range of silicone products and their applications, are often surprised that we supply this industry. They shouldn’t be. Silicone is durable, stable and can be formed into almost any shape. It can be made into a spacer pad to be used in a photovoltaic cell, provide insulation for high-voltage cables or protect off-shore wind turbines operating in the harshest conditions.

Ready for any environment

Some of the conditions PremSil silicone sponge must withstand are extreme. We’re talking about both freezing and scorching temperatures, sun, water, wind, vibration, microbes and moisture. Our products may be buried underground, installed at height, exposed to UV, or expected to withstand repeated compression forces with no deterioration in performance.

Because our products can withstand the extremes, they help to minimise maintenance in renewable infrastructure and maximise its performance. For example, our material’s compression set creates an effective seal that prevents water ingress. Its structure – closed-cell within a sealed skin – keeps out moisture. It’s corrosion and fungus resistant. With a thermal stability range from -50oC up to +250oC it’s a go-anywhere material. As for dust and water, it’s capable of achieving IP 66, NEMA 4 and 4X.

Imagine an underground cable carrying that newly generated green energy. That cable needs to last years and it needs insulation. Our silicone sponge offers both remarkable durability and the critical high dielectric strength. And because we supply materials that meet the UL94-V0 flame retardant standard, both the safety and the reliability of the electricity supply can be improved.

A growing sector with changing needs

We supply a wide range of silicone sponges for different applications and sectors. We design bespoke products and modify existing ones to suit client needs. For example, we can change material density to amend the required closure force on a sealing gasket. What’s more, we always welcome a discussion about a problem that needs a solution.

We’re not an energy producer, but our contribution to renewables still means a lot to us. Whether we’re producing a gasket for a solar panel, a protective sheet for a wind turbine or a temperature-resistant washer for a solar tube installation, we’re doing it with a sense of pride and, as always, our dedication to outstanding quality.