SeedBlink and Doorway team up to bring top-tier European tech startups and scale-ups to investors

SeedBlink, the tech-specialized venture investment platform, and Doorway, the Italian leading fintech for online equity investing, have entered a strategic partnership to provide investors with unique access to high-potential investments in international hi-tech startups and sécale-ups.

The partnership will bring considerable benefits to both platforms’ customers, including private bankers, financial advisors, family offices, and wealth managers, who will be able to offer their clients a constantly evolving portfolio of high-profile deals.

Under the partnership, SeedBlink’s investor community will gain access to unique deals selected by Doorway in the Italian and international markets and viceversa. This intends to facilitate cross-border investment at a pan-European level through the consolidation of the financial infrastructure that is available to technology SMEs.

“The growth of the European tech sector looks promising, but the fragmentation of the investment market across countries with each having their own corporate legal system, is not really beneficial. The challenge, therefore, is to build a European network with local representation in each country. Doorway’s leadership in Italy will bring our investors unique access to high-potential investments with an Italian DNA, validated by a local knowledgeable player. The partnership is in line with our goal to effectively connect investors and tech startups on a single European platform, building a financial ecosystem that will support the development of a European tech hub”, said Ionuț Pătrăhău, SeedBlink’s Managing Partner.

“We’re thrilled to partner with SeedBlink, the leading tech-specialized venture investment platform in Europe. Our partnership will provide Doorway’s investor community with access to SeedBlink’s top-tier European tech startups and scale-ups. This is a unique opportunity for our investors to participate in some of the most promising startups in Europe and beyond. We believe that creating a highly diversified portfolio, through the combined screening and validation expertise of Doorway and SeedBlink, can bring a real advantage in terms of economic value creation for our investors”, added Antonella Grassigli, Doorway’s CEO.

The partnership between SeedBlink and Doorway will provide investors with a constantly evolving portfolio of high-profile deals, in advanced or follow-up rounds, with faster exit prospects and often already invested by international venture capital funds. With SeedBlink’s access to an exclusive European tech deal-flow and Doorway’s local expertise, this partnership is poised to deliver significant value to investors looking to invest in high-growth, innovative startups. Both platforms are authorized (SeedBlink under ECSPR, Doorway by CONSOB) for extended investors’ protection.

Doorway has already secured a partnership with Ourcrowd, a global online venture investing platform, named the most active venture capital investor in Israel by Pitchbook.

SeedBlink: Empowering the Modern Retail Investor 

SeedBlink allows investors to safely co-invest across borders in thoroughly curated list of tech startups with a European DNA, together with a strong network of venture capital partners, allowing individuals to enter with as little as €2,500. The investment opportunities cover most of the technology sectors, such as Fintech, MedTech, Cybersecurity, AI, Edtech, or enterprise software.

More than 70,000 investors have joined the community of SeedBlink, which has raised €60 million from retail investors for European tech startups over the past three years. Since 2021, the investment platform expanded in Bulgaria, Greece, and the Benelux region through an acquisition.

Doorway: Opening Good Investments Opportunities

Doorway aims to build an innovative, sustainable, and inclusive economy by leveraging private investment in startups and scale-ups with medium– and long-term payback prospects.

Doorway has opened an office in Brussels with a strong local team, with the goal to expand its business outside Italy.

Operating since 2019, Doorway has channeled investments for over €20 million to 35 innovative companies, 70% of which have a significant social impact and an emphasis on diversity. Doorway collaborates with financial advisors specialized in listing on the European Growth Market and with VC firms to foster the rapid development of invested start-ups and accelerate monetization opportunities for its investors.