Smart Engines launches AI scanner for handwritten credit card numbers

Smart Engines has launched an AI solution for reading credit card numbers recorded in any format. Banking customers simply point their smartphone camera at a printed or handwritten credit card number to make a transfer or pay for a purchase at a point of sale. The neural network recognises the number combination in real-time and automatically enters it into the payment form. The user only has to confirm the transaction.

The detector captures the credit card number in a photo, scan or in real-time, even when other text is printed or written around it, and then reads it. The neural network recognises 16-digit credit card numbers, which are the most common today, as well as cards with 13, 15, 18 or even 19 digits.

This unique and unprecedented AI solution has been developed by Smart Engines. The functionality has become part of the Smart Code Engine 2.0 product. The solution is implemented in mobile applications distributed in the App Store and Google Play. The software is also installed in banks’ PWA applications using WebAssembly technology. Smart Engines’ scanning software solutions are based on GreenOCR® technology with environmentally friendly algorithms that do not require an Internet connection, the presence of a GPU or powerful computers on the customer side.

Smart Engines’ credit card number scanner will significantly improve the convenience of data entry when making payments through any banking application and online banks in the browser. The handwritten credit card number recognition process takes place automatically, in real-time and directly on the user’s device. Customer data is not transmitted to third party services, making the entry of payment information secure for both the user and the mobile application owner.

“The credit card number scanner is another cutting-edge technology from the Smart Engines team of scientists. It is the highlight of the updated version of our Smart Code Engine 2.0 product. The credit card number scanner completely changes the input process and makes it more convenient than ever. Nobody likes to type in a number by hand. Smart Engines OCR takes the hassle out of the process by instantly recognising the number combination and entering it into the payment form. All they have to do is confirm the payment,” commented Vladimir Arlazarov, CEO of Smart Engines and PhD in Computer Science.

Smart Engines is a leading developer of systems that recognise and input data from ID cards, credit cards, OR codes and barcodes presented to the camera in real time, as well as from photos and scans. Smart Engines develops its own software products – Smart ID Engine, Smart Code Engine, Smart Document Engine, which solve all business tasks in the field of document management. In addition, Smart Engines has developed its own tomographic reconstruction system, Smart Tomo Engine.