Twitter spinoff Bluesky hits 1 million users

The X alternative has just hit a milestone, but it’s still not open to the public.

Bluesky, one of the most notable alternatives to the platform formerly known as Twitter, has just hit a million users.

That’s admittedly tiny compared to the number of users on major social networks, but it’s a big deal for a service that remains inaccessible to most people until today. Bluesky team member Rose Wang, who has announced the milestone on X, told TechCrunch that the service’s app reached a million downloads in July.

However, those interested in getting in on the action at Bluesky will have to secure invite codes to log in, and it’s only now that enough people were able to create accounts for the social network to be able to announce that it has reached 1 million users.

Bluesky first burst into the scene as a decentralized social network (previously) funded by Twitter and backed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. Shortly after it launched in closed beta, it rolled out the ability for users to choose their own algorithms so that they can customize their timelines. And in its bid to remain ad-free, it started offering a paid domain service as a way for users to verify their identity.

It’s unclear when the app will open to the public, and, upon checking, some codes are still being sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars.

Meta, on the other hand, chose to make Threads available to everyone from the get-go, even though it was still lacking a number of critical features. Threads reached 100 million users merely a week after it became available in July, but keyword search only started rolling out earlier this month.

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