Tesla begins selling cheaper Model S and Model X variants with shorter ranges

The new ‘Standard Range’ EVs are $10,000 cheaper than the previously cheapest variants.

Tesla has quietly launched new Model S and Model X vehicles that are slightly more affordable than their base and Plaid counterparts. The automaker has listed these new offerings as “Standard Range” variants, which are scheduled for delivery in the US sometime in September to October this year. A Model S Standard Range will set buyers back $78,490, while the standard Model X is listed for $88,490. Both prices don’t include any savings buyers might get after EV tax credits applicable for their location.

Both prices are also $10,000 less than the base Model S and Model X vehicles. The new EVs, however, have shorter ranges than the other versions in their line: In the case of Model S, the new option has a range of 320 miles, while the base variant can last for over 80 miles longer with its 405-mile range. It also takes 3.7 seconds for new EV to accelerate from zero to 60 mph, whereas it takes 3.1 seconds for the base version to achieve the same speed. Meanwhile, the new Model X has a range of 269 miles, which is definitely shorter than the base variant’s 348 miles. It takes the new Model X 4.4 seconds to reach 60mph, longer than the 3.8 seconds it takes the base version.

As Electrek noted when it noticed the presence of Standard Range vehicles on Tesla’s website, it’s not clear if the automaker is making battery packs especially for these releases or if it’s merely software-locking packs for its EVs with longer ranges. If it’s the latter, then Tesla might give customers the opportunity to unlock longer ranges in the future if they’re willing to pay for it. The new Standard Range EVs are available for the aforementioned prices in Pearl White with an all-black interior, along with standard wheels and steering wheel. Buyers will have to pay extra for other colors, customizations, and, of course, for Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot ($6,000) and Full Self-Driving Capability ($15,000) features.

Tesla is giving current customers the option to transfer Full Self-Driving to a newly purchased vehicle for free at the moment. That said, they can only take advantage of this one-time amnesty if they take delivery of a new EV between July 20th and September 30th, 2023. Seeing as the new Standard Range vehicles could be delivered after September, buyers should be aware that they might have to pay for FSD again even if they already have it in their current Tesla EV.

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