Why the financial sector needs to address every aspect of their attack Surface

Banking on cybersecurity: a comprehensive approach to attack surface management in financial institutions The European Investment Bank (EIB) experienced a calamitous system breakdown in June of this year, disrupting a staggering €550 billion in their balance sheet. It’s just the latest in a long line of attacks targeting the banking sector, driving home the need for […]

Experts discuss demonstrating the value of digital ID, acknowledging concerns, barriers to adoption, and more

The fact that people have privacy and security concerns around the idea of a digital government is valid and should be acknowledged, said industry heavyweights at the EXCITE fall summit. Public and private sector technologists should consider whether they are delivering the right message, notably about digital identity, and whether they are demonstrating all the […]

Extraterrestrial aircraft flying over San Diego… weren’t that

On Sunday evening, many San Diego residents were freaked out over brightly-glowing UFOs flying over the city. Turns out that what these witnesses experienced had military origins. No, it wasn’t new secret aircraft on test flights but rather a performance of the Leap Frogs, the US Navy’s parachute team. Video below. “The parachute team revealed […]

Why Hong Kong is still bullish on crypto

In a bid to find new economic growth, Hong Kong’s government is busy setting up legal frameworks to court Web3 companies. We were far from the courtroom where Sam Bankman-Fried was found guilty on seven criminal charges, but everyone still wanted to talk about him. That said, I have a feeling the conversations I heard […]

Politicians commit to collaborate to tackle AI safety, US launches safety institute

The world is locked in a race, and competition, over dominance in AI, but today, a few of them appeared to come together to say that they would prefer to collaborate when it comes to mitigating risk. Speaking at the AI Safety Summit in Bletchley Park in England, the U.K. minister of technology, Michelle Donelan, […]

Google’s revenue-sharing deals force Android manufacturers to deliver security updates

Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified in the ongoing antitrust trial against the search giant this week. So far, the testimony has revealed several interesting tidbits, like how Pichai pitched Apple CEO Tim Cook on a pre-installed Google Search app. Another new tidbit detailed in The Verge‘s overview of Pichai’s testimony was how Google leverages revenue-sharing […]

iMac (2023) Rumours: Everything we know so far

A new iMac could finally be on the way. We’ve been wondering when the 2021 model could get a refresh and it looks like October 30th could be the way, with a new Apple M3 chip likely coming its way. Let’s dive into the key iMac (2023) rumours. Everything is looking quite un-Apple at the […]

Bill Gates feels Generative AI has plateaued, says GPT-5 will not be any better

The billionaire philanthropist in an interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt, shared his thoughts on Artificial general intelligence, climate change, and the scope of AI in the future. Generative AI has been the buzzword of the year with many companies investing heavily in it over the past few months. The launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI in […]

6 ways automation bites software developers

The dream of fully automated development is getting more real by the day, but is that a good thing? Beware of these six gotchas. Every software developer knows the dream. We sit in some deck chairs by the pool as the AIs and no-code layers keep the enterprise stack running smoothly. Perhaps we get a […]

Generative AI is everything, everywhere, all at once

Businesses want in on generative AI and are willing to do anything to ride the wave. Is generative AI here to stay? Most signs are pointing to yes. But in what capacity? That’s for tech developers and the industry at large to decide. Still, as Silicon Valley rides this wave, businesses big and small are […]