Smart Engines launches AI scanner for handwritten credit

Smart Engines has launched an AI solution for reading credit card numbers recorded in any format. Banking customers simply point

Why the startup sector should keep its eye

With the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, the U.S. startup ecosystem lost an important business partner. But the greater fallout

It’s official! Apple to release iOS 17 on

Just days after releasing the iOS 16.4, Apple on Wednesday announced that it will be launching the next operating system,

Open source Kubeflow 1.7 set to ‘transform’ MLops

Transformers are revolutionizing the capabilities of machine learning (ML), leading to a new era of generative AI. But how can

Google Calendar elimina de raíz una de las

Google Calendar es una gran aplicación para gestionar eventos, pero a la hora de invitar a todos los participantes se

Never ignore ‘yellow’ battery bar on iPhone –

YOUR iPhone battery bar is probably green most of the time – and sometimes red – but not always. It

Satellite Communication Market to grow US$ 192.09 Billion

Government & Defense to comprise over 2/5th of global Market Revenue During the forecast period 2022-2032, the satellite communication market